Novasonics is a professional 64-track air-conditioned recording studio designed to meet the needs of a wide range of clientele. We handle everything from choral music to techno, jazz to R 'n' B, classical to acapella! The studio is self-contained, has a large live area, large control room, chill-out area, toilet, and a small kitchen area. The studio is based around a Digidesign ProTools HD accel system run on a dual processor 2.66GHz Mac Pro, using a 16 fader ProControl physical control surface, with an Edit Pack surround module. We have virtually every plug in known to mankind, a fantastic range of microphones, and valve pre-amp technology for 'the best of both worlds' between analogue and digital! We also now have 5.1 surround mixing capability, at up to 192kHz sample rate (24 bit).

Our engineer/producers are also musicians, so we can help you develop your ideas from the demo stage right through to your finished album. We also have an ample roster of session musicians, should you need to augment your existing line-up of musicians.

Our sister company, Digital Doctor ( provides CD and DVD manufacture, so we can even get you the best prices for manufacturing CDs and DVDs, should you require it.